Sunday, 13 March 2016

New Beginnings

New Beginnings
New Blog Home

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Thursday, 10 September 2015


Life is getting tougher, some days its really tough and other days its just a little tough
I cannot quite frankly fit everything in so other things fall to the sidelines!

I have two growing boys that need my attention at home
I have a small handmade business that doesnt seem to be doing anything at the moment as I cant quite focus on anyone thing!
I worry about silly things and peoples opinions of me all the time!!!

So I'm cutting back on things that I may well love but do take up so much of my time in the doing and the thinking of them
This blog is one of them ...

I've made fabulous friends and had a blast writing blog posts but I do believe that its come to the end of the road for me as sometimes Im just duplicating photos that i've put instagram (quirkyboots)

So this is goodbye, its been a tough decision to make x

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Book Review - Miss Peregrines school for Peculiar Children

This first novel by Ransom Riggs caught my eye in an English bookstore in Luxembourg!
I was drawn to it by the front cover (which to be honest is a constant thing with me and books) I flicked through a few pages, read the back cover and was sold

Once I started to read I'll be honest, I scared myself! not quite knowing what was coming my imagination ran away with me and I couldnt actually get to sleep that night! (darn imagination!!)
The story is about a boy called Jacob who is told stories by his grandfather about children who can do peculiar things, the house within they live encapsulates you and your imagination will truly run wild
From his grandfathers stories, Jacob becomes involved in a world that seems fairy tale but soon realises that to every fairy tale there is a monstrous demon on the other side!

This is a must read! I beg you! you will not be disappointed, i'm off to purchase the sequel as I cant hold off much longer to see how the childrens future unfolds

Ransom riggs website is also a must visit, find it here

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Vegetable Lasagne

This meal was a case of what do I have in the fridge and cupboards as I was making a meat lasagne for the rest of the family but didnt want to miss out
*I sliced a courgette, leek, half a red pepper and some mushrooms and popped them into my griddle pan to fry off a little
*I made a sauce using a small tin of chopped tomatoes, half a vegetable oxo cube, splash of hot water and a sprinkle of garlic italian seasoning and let it simmer along nicely
*In a small oval glass dish I popped in my vegetables and drizzled over my homemade tomato sauce
*I used one sheet of lasagne and a few spoonfuls of white ragu sauce, a sprinkle of cheese and topped with some sliced tomato (every time I make my own white sauce it goes wrong)
*Popped it in the oven for 25 mins and I have to say it was blooming gorgeous

Friday, 28 August 2015

Book Review - Sleeping Arrangement

Sleeping Arrangement is wrote by Sophie Kinsella/Madeleine Wickham

I read this whilst on Holiday and it was the perfect fun relaxing read I needed

Its a story of long lost love and present relationships in turmoil, but put these things together in a holiday home and eyes are opened, ears are listening and seeing what you have in front sometimes is the best thing in the world.
We all need to work hard at what we have to make ourselves happy and sometimes its lost over the years thanks to work and children and staying at home.
The book is great and I read it from front to back in a few days as I loved how each character was developing

A definate must for your bookshelf

Thursday, 27 August 2015

A day in London all because of Audrey!

I love actually I adore Audrey Hepburn and when I saw that there was an exhibition at The National Portrait Gallery in London I had to go. I roped one of my lovely friends into joining me and the day started off a blast as always ...

If you want to go and see the exhibition its only running until 18th October 2015, tickets are only £9, you can book them right here

A drive to Bedford, a train journey to St Pancras, a tube journey to Covent Garden
Mooching around the market stalls, watching the street performers, a huge lunch then a walk to Nelsons Column which happens to be right by the National Portrait Gallery which was our destination and the reason we were in London
As you can imagine we werent able to take photos in the gallery but it was truly amazing and I'm so pleased I pushed myself to go
We had a fabulous day, no rushing no sight seeing just a destination and food, chatter and tea breaks inbetween

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Salad Jars

I've hopped on the trend of salad jars as
a) they are a fantastic idea to sort out a lunch
b) they look awesome!

Some people tend to build up a weeks worth but I've found it easier and more economical to make them up the day before, using up odd bits of dinner that arent used up, there are so many options you can choose, but layering is certainly the best way

balsamic dressing, wholewheat pasta, salad leaves, red pepper, tomato, tuna mayo and cheese chunks
balsamic dressing, rice, salad leaves, shredded carrot, red pepper, cherry tomatoes, apple and cheese chunks
 Balsamic dressing, salad leaves, cherry tomatoes and tortilla chips
 Experiment and most of all enjoy

Tuesday, 25 August 2015

I fell in LOVE with Luxembourg

Our family holiday this year was in the beautiful Luxembourg, I truly believe I left a little of my heart there as I have terrible holiday blues

Heres our Holiday in pictures, in no particular order either!
We visited Trier in Germany, the chair lift in Vianden, Luxembourgh City, Mullerthal and generally driving around and seeing beautiful houses with pristine flower gardens outside each and everyone (sigh)

Monday, 24 August 2015

Pottery Class - Bird Feeder

I've treated myself to a few extra pottery classes this summer, the first one was a bird feeder
When I arrived I had no idea in mind at all about a design, until I saw a butterfly print on the chair cover and went with that!
The clay we use turns out white (still surprises me everytime) so I chose to add a few hints of blue colour to my pot
For this class we had to throw the pot and make a bowl, then on the table we had to curve the bowl in to make a lip so the food wouldnt drop out and then add our decorations, of which were two pretty butterflies
I'll be honest, mine needed alot of support! Loo rolls make great supports, i'm certain there was 3 at one stage holding various bits up!
But the outcome was worth it! I LOVE it
I just need to find a place in the garden for it now!

Thursday, 6 August 2015